Partnership & Local Leadership

We partner with locally led organizations established in the communities where our products are made. Learn more about the organizations we partner with by visiting our artisan partner page.

Cultural Inspiration & Product Design

All of our patterns are inspired by traditional textiles; preserving the craft and heritage of our partners.  

Fair Wages

Our partners are incredible artisans, and their handcrafted art is their main form of income. By paying fair and living wages for our products our partnership sustains economic opportunities where few may exist. 

Weaving Begins

Our textiles are handwoven using time-honored methods passed down between generations. 

Product Finalization

Once the newly woven textiles are completed, seamstresses sew the woven textiles into our finished products and add the final details. 

Quality Control & Shipment

Once finalized, the products are inspected and then shipped to the Travel Patterns office based in the US.

Online & Retail

Through our e-commerce site and retail partners, our products are made available to a healthy market. 

Your Adventure Begins

You join the partnership when you purchase one of our products and make it a part of your own daring adventure. With each purchase, our process can begin again and we can continue to support the artisans. Tag us on Instagram from your adventures so we can share the impact you’re making around the world!