our vision

We envision a world where every woman understands her unique value - is connected to her own story and the stories of others - and is empowered to boldly pursue her daring life adventure while enabling others to do the same.

In partnership with artisan cooperatives around the world, we design modern-day travel accessories using traditional, handcrafted techniques.

Every stitch and detail pays tribute to the artisans who made it, and your purchase supports their craft, their livelihood, and ultimately their communities.

Our hope is that by weaving the stories of the people and places that inspire us into the very threads of our products, we create a greater connection between you and the makers, as together we preserve cultural crafts and honor their heritage.

We are more than fairtrade.

We believe that effective change and long-term sustainability begins at the heart of a community. Therefore, we partner with locally led organizations established in the marginalized communities where our products are made.

By becoming business partners, we empower one another to live with economic freedom and dignity, while doing inspired, soul-filled work that we love.

You can learn about each organization that we partner with by visiting our artisan page

We pay fair, living wages for our products, based on the time and complexity of each product we design. The pricing is determined together with our partners.

Take Heart. Take Flight.

Our motto - Take Heart. Take Flight. - calls us to courageously search for who we were meant to be, to break free of the fears holding us back, and to boldly pursue the daring life adventure set before us.

We can’t wait to see what we discover together or what stories our travel patterns will tell when we step out with bravery.

What’s in a name?

In a literal sense, our brand’s name pays tribute to the gorgeous traditional patterns that we find through travel and exploration as we partner with the inspiring and talented cultures that craft them.

But we love a good play on words so our name also has a deeper meaning…

Did you know that there are studies conducted on the travel patterns of people? Studies that research and analyze the travel habits of humans and what draws them to particular destinations. Why do they choose those particular places? What keeps them coming back?

This term “travel patterns” struck a chord with us when we were dreaming of a name for our brand. We started thinking about our personal travel patterns - what they said about us and the stories they told.

While we love to visit the wonders this world has to offer, it’s the people and the culture that makes up a place that our hearts are truly drawn to.

If a study were conducted of our brand’s travel patterns, our hope is that it shows a well-worn path of empowerment, partnership, and stepping out with courage - no matter the destination.


Travel Patterns is a proud member of the Nest Artisan Guild, a global community of more than 400 artisan businesses practicing diverse craftsmanship across over 50 nations. In partnership with Nest, a non-profit 501(c)3, we are working towards a more inclusive global economy that brings increased opportunity to our artisans, their families, and our communities. To learn more, please visit www.buildanest.org