Featured on Rank & File Podcast: Our Business Model & Sales Strategy

Travel Patterns Lauren Petersen Podcast

Encouraging other businesses, building relationships and sharing the story behind Travel Patterns and our partnerships are a few of my favorites things to do. And today was a GREAT DAY, because I had the privilege of doing just that as a guest on the Rank & File Podcast.

This was my first ever podcast (hopefully not my last) and it was a total BLAST. I am so honored that Kari invited me to share some of my social entrepreneurship journey with her listeners and hope that you gain some insights and encouragement from listening.

We talk about everything from asking the right social impact and business model questions as a founder, to sales strategy, storytelling and social media.

In the podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • The questions you should be asking as an early stage founder about your impact and business model

  • Why social media is not the holy grail of marketing for every business

  • Why adding layers to your revenue streams is a great tactic to smooth out your cash flow + how to do it

The link to the podcast is embedded below, and can also be found through the Rank & File podcast channel on your phone. Please take a listen to learn more about my heart for this company and our partnerships.

I also contributed to Rank & File Magazine Issue 8, with my article entitled “Fieldwork: Guatemala’s Lessons on Building Better Social Impact Business Models”, where I shared my insights into switching business models. If you’re thinking about starting your own social impact brand, or simply need encouragement in your existing business, check it out.