Letters from Lauren: Take Heart Tribe

AWOR-163 small.jpg

Hey everyone! Lauren here. My intent for our “Letters from Lauren” series is to share a little bit of my heart as the founder and CEO of this social impact brand.

To start the series, I wanted to focus on courage. Our company’s motto - Take Heart. Take Flight. - calls us courageously search for who we were meant to be, to break free of the fears holding us back, and to boldly pursue the daring adventure set before us.

When I was going through the exercises of discovering the vision of Travel Patterns, courage, bold pursuit, and embracing the journey were themes that kept showing up for me personally and themes I dreamed for our partners and ideal customer.

As I’ve been on this small business, social impact journey, it’s been imperative to surround myself with encouraging and inspiring people who help me get through each week and remind me why I started - they are my “Take Heart Tribe.”

During one of those meetings, my friend asked me to write a letter of encouragement to someone else. Turns out, I needed those words myself and frequently refer to the crumpled page I scribbled them on as a personally reminder.

I share them below in hope that these words are an encouragement to you friend; whatever journey you are on.