Lessons from the Vikings

Location: The Viking Museum - Oslo, Norway

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My personal travel patterns would show that I love to explore our world, to adventure near and far, and to interact with people who are different from me. These connections help me reflect, to question, and to understand who I am created to be, and how I want to empower that same thing in others.

Sometimes that looks like visiting remote villages working with indigenous weavers to create products for Travel Patterns, and other times that could simply be visiting a friend.  

Lauren Petersen and Kari Enge

Almost exactly one year ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Viking Museum in Oslo with my friend Kari Enge, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rank & File Magazine.

While pillaging and plundering are not on my to do list, I was inspired by the Vikings’ spirit for adventure and their courageous travels across expansive seas in completely open, shallow ships. Inspired by the fact that they, just like all great explorers, didn’t let the unknown before them or fear of stormy seas keep them from beginning their journeys.

Viking Museum - Oslo, Norway
Viking Museum - Oslo, Norway

The fear of the unknown holds a lot of people back from pursuing their callings, they may never start that one thing they passionately desire to create, or maybe if they do create something, when situations get difficult they question everything and quit.

Learning their history and taking in the details of the Viking ships reminded me of Louisa May Alcott’s quote, “I’m not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.” For me, my ship is Travel Patterns, and running a purpose driven company can sure feel like learning to master the high seas.

Prior to creating Travel Patterns in 2016, I had founded another company working with global artisans; but the business plan was non-existent, and over the course of two years I learned a lot about what we were doing okay, but more importantly - a lot more about what we could be doing better. I knew that we needed to change the business model, course correct if you will, to truly make the sustainable impact that I hoped my company could. During that time of transition, it felt like a storm was looming in the distance ready to squash my efforts to do better before I even got started.

Viking Museum - Oslo, Norway

Purpose driven companies cannot fear the storms, for sooner or later they will come. We must continue to learn to sail our ship and change course if necessary. When I’m feeling vulnerable or insecure during a season, I keep going back to our motto -- “Take Heart. Take Flight.” It’s a call to courageously search for who we were each meant to be, to break free of the fears holding us back, and to boldly pursue the daring adventure set before us in this life.

If you’re in the midst of a storm or fear one that has not yet sprung up before you, I encourage you to stay at the helm.


Change course if need be -- but don’t jump ship!

On another note…

Our journeys continue next week as we head to the Philippines with Rank & File on a social impact retreat! Follow along on Instagram to see what collaborative connections we’re making and check out R&F’s global retreats if you’re interested in future opportunities to learn about social impacts and community building strategies being utilized around the world.

When we step outside of our day-to-day grind to spend time exploring new places and perspectives, something truly amazing happens. We see new possibilities, we connect the dots more easily, and we grow our businesses to new levels. If you haven’t added an annual learning journey to your business budget yet - you are missing out on one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your impact and your business growth.
— Kari Enge, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Rank & File