Large Laundry Bag - Corte

Large Laundry Bag - Corte



  • Double pouch featuring "wash" and "wear" zipper pulls to organize your dirty and clean necessities.
  • Measurements: Folded - approx. 12" x 10.5" / Unfolded - approx. 12" x 21"
  • Cotton Lining
  • Brass zippers
  • Corded tassel tie for closure
  • Each bag is handmade, so details and colors may vary.

Handmade in the Guatemalan highlands by the weavers of Pixan.

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Our Corté Collection is inspired by the traditional skirt worn by Maya women. The skirts are created from two lengths of woven fabric, and the seams are joined together by colorful embroidered bands called a “randa”. The randa details found on our journeys through Guatemala, and are a nod to the women who bind their communities together through their empowering artisanal work.

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